Monday, April 9, 2012

Marisa missed out on our afternoon tea because...

Now we know why Marisa missed our afternoon tea! She must have had a date with Wicked Ink! How cool does she look??
.. but I did warn her about the decisions we make in our younger years ...  we have to take the consequences for when we get older.. keep going to the gym ... tighten those arms!! We don't want to see those birds all droopy!
But wait.. by the time they MAY get that way, I won't be around or be able to see them anyway!! Phht!! Have a good time and stay young forever Marisa!! All those warnings I gave her about where NOT to get a tattoo.. not the arms, not the neck,not the boobs or tummy, not the knees or thighs.. all sag potential; I didn't leave her many parts eh? But she went for it and looks awesome!! XXXX


  1. Aww thanks Annette :) I will keep those arms tight or if all else fails get an arm lift haha! Love you xox

  2. My gawd!! You're so quick!!! Must get one of those phones eh?