Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ian's Book

FINALLY PUBLISHED – Ian's book, "Beat Depression the Drug Free Way" – late last year as an e-book, and is available from Amazon and of course the direct link. This direct link takes you to the ‘package’ of two books, explained below.
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It has been at least 8 long years of research, and writing and rewriting, editing and re-editing, so now it is available to all and sundry! Selling as a two part package, both books represent the ultimate in turning around the wave of depression, not only in our individual lives, but the lives of those we love and society in general.
The accompanying workbook (as the second part of the overall package/program) called, "Unlock Your Depression and be Free,” is a self-help handbook with mp3 therapy sessions from Ian. 
The main book, available on its own on the Amazon site, presents a shocking but very educational awareness of how depression is not just about an illness, but has also become a money-making industry for pharmaceutical companies (and other medical interests) worldwide ...  and how we have been convinced there is a 'new disease' in our modern society. The workbook, however, compliments the main book with short therapy sessions, almost like you would have when visiting him in his clinic, for ending depression, anxiety or stress ... and all uncomfortable symptoms without medication! Well worth the $37.00 as a complete program of help and self-help!! 

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