Monday, February 27, 2012


Well.. it's been over a year since I put a post on this blog. One of our saddest days - last Thursday morning our gorgeous staffie, Minka passed away. She was 14  and 2 months exactly. She was finally so tired.. her back legs and hips were playing up for a couple of months but she tried ever so hard to keep us happy and we in turn cared and loved her.. carried her as much as we could up and down steps. And picked her up if she stumbled. Thursday morning she could not get up at all and for the very first time had no interest at all in food. I cried as then I knew she was telling us.. it was time to let her go. Dear oh dear...We miss her so much - she certainly was a special girl and gave us 14 years of adoration, affection, loyalty and friendship. And those eyes.... those adoring eyes... we miss her but thank her too...
she did love her tiny pink socks which protected her little feet on our floor

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